Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dress Making Report: Halloween Addition

It has been a little while since I have posted, life has happened and I am only now able to post some projects that I have been working on.  

As Halloween was a pretty busy time for me this year I was able to create a couple fun of costumes.  One was this amazing Harley Quinn for a client! Never having made a jump suit, other then the 'Jumper', I was very excited to try something new. It turned out really well and fit my client perfectly. The best part of finishing a project is seeing the clients face, when wearing the finished piece. She jumped up and down, and hugged me, I knew then she loved it!

There were two events for me this year, one was a Gotham Banquet at the Oasis in Port Credit. What an fabulous time we had! Those of you who know me, know how much I love Batman, see 'The Batman Dress'. For this event I created a Bat Woman costume with somethings I had around the house, it's a good thing I don't throw away everything. This costume turned out really well. My friend and I even ended up in one the local papers, along with some other awesome people in their costumes. (Page 31)

http://issuu.com/thehomenews/docs/community_captured_nov15_misssouth_?e=13522551%2F31157187 (page31)

The second event was a friend of a friend's Stag and Doe, which was a lot of fun! I made a very simple Cave Woman costume, consisting of a leopard print dress, bones and some furry knee highs. I had a great time creating this one.