Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Lifestyle: What's the biggest challenge right now?

Hiya Sunshine,

Do you have any challenges right now that you know if you just let that one thing go, so many more possibilities would open up for you?

Right now, I think my biggest challenge is letting go of overeating. Body image issues have been a huge part of my life and I know that it all comes down to this last hurtle of being a recovered over eater, not just recovering. 

I was with a friend the other day and she said, "You know I just always have eaten only whenever I am hungry. I never understood what the big deal was, with say an event that had a bunch of free food. Not something that ever interested me". WOW - when she explained about an event that showed up once for her in the past, I got really excited. I loooooove food so much! But it has always been a hindrance in a lot of ways for me. What I took from that is, I know I want to only eat when I am hungry, enjoy and savour food instead of allowing it to control me in a lot of ways.

When something aggravating showed up today, I immediately wanted eat something. I couldn't believe how strong the feeling was. I have been witnessing and paying way more attention to how I am feeling when I think I want food now. This is such an important thing to do! Taking a step back and distracting myself, doing something else makes a huge difference. I'd much rather make a dress then eat my feelings(lol). Not having junk or anything sweet or salty that doesn't nourish my body in the house is extremely important as well.

I made strawberry banana bread and in three days it was gone. So I know I WANT to let go of this overeating emotional habit. EVERY single day I am working on it. I know I can do this, and this is the last that I need to do. Because it isn't about the food, or gaining weight. I love my body. I am comfortable in my OWN skin. It is recognizing when I am eating with my emotions continuing the block, rather than working through my stuff.

Today is a new day and here I sit happy I said 'NO', to a doughnut and yes to me!

Remember, we are all going through something and it is so important to show up for yourself, then you can show up for others too.

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lifestyle: Guidance for Body Love

Hello Gorgeous,

As a recovering overeater, there are times I fall off. Day to day life can have stresses good and bad. I find that certain tools such as a good book, The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind, about eating with our emotions vs hunger and this meditation Guidance for Body Love, really help to step back and be aware of why I am overeating. It is a battle sometimes but I think the most important thing is to move forward and high five myself for the little victories! I hope this can serve you too.
Strength and guidance Xo

Your Designer,

                          Amanda Garrett


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Dress Making Report: Stylized Wedding Shoot


A few months ago I created a dress for a rustic stylized wedding shoot. A great collaboration of local businesses coming together thanks to Michelle Liane, an amazing photographer that brought her vision alive with through local businesses. The shoot was fantastic, set in Caledon, ON, she used the elements of the earth, and with the help of the wind shot some beautifully breath taking pictures.

From the moment this dress was together, I fell in love! Every time I walked into my living room and saw it, this rush of excitement went through my veins. Start to finish this was a fun, whimsical piece to create. Thank you so much Michelle Liane Photography for including me in this fabulous experience. 

I am so proud to have been apart of this and so excited that we were featured on The Bride Link blog. 

Photography: Michelle Liane
Photography Assistant: Catherine Flanigan
Model: Rebecca Quinn
Dress Designer: AMEG Designs
Jewelry: SanĨi
Hair Stylist: Lilian Wilson
Makeup Artist: Sarah Saccomanno - Makeup Artist
Florist: Raindrops on Roses Floral Design
Cake: Lipstick Baker Custom Cakes

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Canadian Women's Foundation

My days start with a loving kindness meditation towards myself, those I love and care for and out to all beings from my heart to theirs. I truly believe that each of us have a purpose to create greatness on the planet. To change the world one breath, one beat of the heart and one smile at a time. Sometimes it feels like I am not contributing enough but I know with this small act each morning, I am doing something. 

I didn't always do this, some days I woke up in such a horrible mood. I would look in the mirror and not even look at myself, just pass by or avoid my own eyes. I really disliked the person I was, and blamed other people for the experiences that I had. My life was dramatic and unreliable in so many ways, a lot had to do with how I perceived myself. I was never comfortable around people, always trying so hard to fit in and be liked, but also not always being the nicest person. Although as I went through school my friendships got better, but I still felt like I was never enough for anyone not even for me. 

For me it was always about my weight, my body and not having what I wanted. When I was 9 years old I started getting really chubby, that stuck with me for a few years. I was made fun of and teased because of the way my body looked. Which just kept confirming for me that I, my body, wasn't good enough. I struggled with diets starting really young, and then one day a boy I went to school with, who I thought was my "friend" bought a chocolate bar. He held it out to me and said, "I know you waaaaaant it Amanda."  ---I had, had it!

I couldn't bare feeling so unloved and looked down on because of my weight anymore, at 13 I started not to eat and worked out a lot. Three times a day as well as constantly going out with friends, (riding bikes, roller blading etc.). I lost 50 pounds in 2 months, when I went back to school from summer vacation everyone noticed and it made me feel so good! The guys were noticing me, girls that hardly spoke to me or spoke ill of me, were my "friends". Finally, I was enough! 

Sigh of relief right? Not so much. I decided it wasn't enough, I had to keep it off. SO for a short time I starting making myself sick. However, and thank goodness that didn't last long. A good friend, found out while we were away at camp and said she would tell my mom. I thank her to this day for that! I did continue eating very little, by the time I went into high school I was 100 pounds soaking wet. Yikes! For my body type, being more muscular, that was incredibly unhealthy. AND guess what, I still thought I was fat! 

Over the years I have struggled with body image issues, but over the last 4 months, I let it go. Yes, there are still parts that I wish were different, but I work on them every day.

The most important thing is I know I AM ENOUGH! I now look in the mirror with love and kindness towards myself.  I say often 'I love you Amanda' because at the end of the day all you've got is you. I share this short version of this story, my story with you because I believe that all of us need to believe we are worthy of everything in this life, no matter what we look like how we feel about ourselves is so crucial.

I am a huge supporter of the 'As We Are Project' from the Canadian Women's Foundation. This month, being my 3rd year Anniversary, for each 'like' on Facebook that gets A.M.E.G. Designs to 300, a dollar will be donated to the CWF. THIS is where my journey has led me and it's not done yet. I am grateful because now I can help as many young girls and women as I can feel comfortable in their own skin. Because you are not alone, together we can take on the world!

Thank you so very much for reading.

Love and guidance your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Making all your dress dreams come true and helping to illuminate the beauty in you..

Canadian Women's Foundation
Investing in the strength of women and the dreams of girls.