Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Dress Making Report: Christmas Addition

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, with loads of love and tons of relaxation! 

Over the holiday season I was so blessed to create some very special pieces for some amazing little girls and women in my life. 

While I was coming up with the ideas for these pieces, all I knew was that the little girls in my life are so full of fun and imagination, that anything I created for them had to be just that. I found this amazing fabric that looked very whimsical and mermaid like, I was instantly inspired to create the dresses you see in the second picture.

For the two women in my life that are so incredibly supportive and there whenever I need them. I had to think of something very special to put my whole heart into making, (although I put my heart into everything I create for anyone). I thought why not something comfortable and allows them to feel beautiful anytime they wear it, a kimono of course had to be the very solution. I found these beautiful fabrics and knew which one was for who right away. My mom is a light and beautiful woman who loves to be comfortable no matter what she is wearing. The long purple and floral robe was the perfect fit for her, and she loved it. As for the other, my Aquarian Mama. Well this wonderfully,  almost rock n' roll floral pattern (Betsy Johnson looking), had to be it. She loves black mostly when choosing her attire, but I knew this was perfect for her because it had such edge. I also wanted to keep it for myself because it is very me too, she was thrilled I didn't!