Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Events: Holiday Edition

Fashion is a huge part of the life we live, from what we wear every day to what we see and love about the world.

BUT that is just the beginning! Fashion is a massive industry and through media we have been conditioned, that we need to "look" a certain way.

Fashion Fades, Style is eternal. - YSL

By accepting what we do not like, we can start accentuating what we do. Your clothes should serve you, isn't that wonderful.  Finding clothes that fit our frames and provide a feeling of comfort like no other. 

Style -lifestyle if you will, is how we show personalities, feel about ourselves, live our lives, are in and are to the world. SO this is much greater than fashion to me, but the style of life. Making all your dress dreams come true and helping to illuminate the beauty in you. One stitch and woman at a time.

Our most recent event was incredible and just in time for the holiday season! All the amazing women who joined us, sponsors who were involved and my amazing team, I am so grateful. We had several dresses that spoke for themselves and that all the ladies fell in love with. They're all perfect for holiday parties from office to New Years!

We also had our fabulous Stylist from Stella & Dot, a wonderful jewelry company with great quality items and awesome price points. Helen, styled myself and the models with jewelry that really complimented the dresses. The truck show was a complete success and can still be accessed, just visit the link below and start shopping!  

If you love fashion but never have had the chance to go to a fashion show or you have and would like to experience something more personal, you have found the right type of event for you!

These evenings include; networking with other wonderful women such as yourself, a fashion show, time to meet and greet with the designer and much more! 

Now take a sneak peek into A.M.E.G. Designs Holiday edition.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

Join us at our next event!

Become a part of something much greater than fashion and let A.M.E.G. Designs help illuminate the beauty in you.

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Photography: Michelle Liane
Stella & Dot Stylist: Helen  Themistocleous

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dress Making Report: A Fall Inspired Wedding Shoot

At the end of August, I did an amazing collaboration with quite a few talented ladies. This Fall elopement shoot was incredible. We just got to the location just after a storm passed at 8am, it was a bit chilly that morning and very windy. But as we all arrived and got every thing set up, Models dressed and camera ready. It got warm, blue skies appeared and the sun created such great light peaking through the woods.

Claireville Conservation in Brampton, Ontario is like a dream. Especially for a photo shoot, we had several landscapes to choose. From rolling Hills to a rocky road and even into the woods, no wonder we all had such a fabulous day! 

The couple were gorgeous and really so in love, which truly takes your breath away with such intimate moments. I was lucky to be apart of something so very special. 

Creating this dress was really wonderful, from the first designs to the day of the shoot. It is romantic and flowing plus a little flirty underneath the beautiful veil like removable skirt. I love the way the wind carries and fills it up in some of the gorgeous pictures by Roxana Silva Photography.

I hope this inspires you and fills you with so much joy!

Published by: The Bride Link
Cake : Cakelaine 
Dress : AMEG Designs
Beauty : Beauty by Sacha
Credit to models: