Monday, 9 May 2016

Dress Making Report: A Dress for NYC

This was so much fun for me to create, I love puzzles and piecing this together was just like that. Initially creating the pattern, I had to lay out and re-do one to specifically match what I was needing for this dress to become exactly what my wonderful client pictured. Cutting the fabric and sewing it was also just as much of a puzzle, I am super proud! I know that this seems like a simple black dress, but what went into it was a lot of work, time and joy.

As many of you know my favourite part of the whole designer experience is the final fitting. Where my clients face says it all! Needless to say she was incredibly pleased with the way the dress turned out. My client wore it to a NYC fashion show held in a Airport hanger, so cool! She will also be wearing it again for a wedding she is attending. I have another order for her coming up in the summer and can't wait to see what she will have me create for her then.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Met Gala - Red Carpet

There were quite  few outspoken pieces at the Met Gala, I am always amazed by the work that goes into such exquisite dresses. Some of my favourites were worn by some pretty amazing women, who wore them well. I did feel like some could have been passed on for this event but, I still appreciate all the time that goes into making pieces such as these.

Here are some that I chose to be my top choices, dresses for whom I would love to have wear my pieces. I love floral, elegance and imagination!