Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spring and Summer Events!

My oh my, spring and summer events of all shapes and sizes are upon us. From proms, weddings and fashion shows I am starting to get very busy with custom dress orders! A few of these orders are very dear to my heart, as they are to be apart of one of my best friends weddings in Havana. But stay tuned for later on in the summer for sneak peeks of all those lovely creations.

As for right now, I am creating dresses for weddings, grade 8 graduations and fashion shows. I love that each of these dresses are so different and I can really have some fun. Not to mention my wonderful clients that I get to work with. I will be posting more of these with in the next few months. Really, I just wanted to share because I am so excited to help illuminate these women for these events with each piece. I know they will all go to their events and light up the whole room! This is my whole goal, my reason for being a custom dress designer, to relieve whatever insecurity she may have about her body and watch how radiant she becomes in her perfect bespoke fit dress. All women deserve this, and if I can do this for even just one, well then I have done my job.

Dresses for every occasion. Making all your dress dreams come true and helping to illuminate the beauty in you.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Events: A Night in Fashion

You know that feeling, of not being comfortable in your own skin. I do, all too well. Body image issues have been a huge part of my life. But I also know what it is like to wear an outfit that makes you feel incredible and beautiful. I became a custom dress designer to help relieve the feeling of being insecure about any part of the body. To illuminate women, to show their light at any event they may be attending. Whether it is a day at the office or their wedding day. I create dresses with a bespoke fit and will help you to feel and be as radiant as you really are. My goal is to reach as many women as possible to provide an experience beyond all others, with my wonderful service. My name is Amanda Garrett and I am ready to light up the world even more!

I had a fashion night and show on Saturday March 12th, 2016. It was an amazing night filled with beauty of all calibers. The women who joined me in the debut of my first custom line were absolutely fabulous! Excited and filled with so much joy, my line was created with such love and creativity just pouring out of me. I am so happy to say that with every stitch I became more and more of who I am and the designer that has been waiting for me to emerge. I will be continuing to make custom lines (a little smaller than the first), in order to have exclusive and special evenings like these.  For the wonderful women who would like to join me, please visit  and sign up! These fabulous fashion evenings will be in honour of women of all shapes, sizes and beauties. I am proud to help you shine your light and can not wait to create for each of you pieces that accentuate the greatest part of you. You are all beautiful!

Also by liking my Facebook page and ordering a custom dress, you will be eligible to win a custom headpiece or veil! Visit A.M.E.G. Designs to enter! 

Photography: Michelle Liane Photography
Jewelry Stylist: Hellen Themistocleous