Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Gifts a Plenty

Hello Lovely,

The Christmas holidays were filled with so much love and food, family and friends.  This year I created most of the gifts for my loved ones, and you know what, it felt so much better then buying anything ever has. NOT to say that it doesn't mean as much to pick out a present that will be just as a appreciated, but I really felt the thanks when each of them found out I made their gift. It wasn't anything extravagant, place mats for the adults, all of them loved that I took the time to create something just for them. My Nana received a beautiful purple infinity scarf and was so very happy with it, I chose the fabric because it was so her. A few blankets for the kids and their reactions were priceless "this is my favouitest blanket ever" one proclaimed and the other jumped up and down as he squealed. Pjs for the boys, which were a bit too loooooong for 11 year olds but hemming can always be fixed (thank goodness) but overall I think they were appreciated. Baking is always a hit as well, truffles and snickerdoodles for one and all!   

I really realized that we don't need to over spend and get super stressed about money. It's the little things, like creating a gift or just spending time with one another that truly counts. My family and friends are so generous, I am so very thankful for all that I received over Christmas. Definitely the season of giving! Hoping your Holiday season was filled with so much love, that you feel full and excited to greet the  new year with joy and enthusiasm.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Lifestyle: Selflove

When I was 6 years old I decided no one liked me. What a thing to think and make as a life statement so young, but it's true. I wasn't invited to a girls birthday party, being one of the only kids not invited. I was so upset, I lied. Yep, I was 6 so what do you do. I told my very best friend that I lost my invitation and needed the address and time. She gave it to me, I wrote it down and went home and told my mom I needed to get a gift for a girl in my class. 

We bought a dress and some pretty sweet lip smackers, I was actually so excited! But, we got there, and I was looked at like a fool. By the kids and her mother. I didn't get to go to the party and I never told my Mom what I did to get there. I was 6 years old and I decided no one liked me and I wasn't good enough. 

This thought led through my whole life, I can see how it followed me in every relationship, family, friend and romantic. So many situations kept confirming that I was not enough and I was constantly comparing myself. 

Then, body image began to be a big part of the "I'm not good enough" mind. I started to diet at a young age and wanted to be skinny like my friends. I gained a lot of weight or "baby chub" when I was 11 and was made fun of for it. I didn't always eat the best, there was a convenience store right down the street. So yeah I ate a lot of junk, that didn't help. I was made fun of one too many times and decided to stop eating and start working out ALL the time! 

I was 13 when I became anorexic and 14 when I thought I'd give bulimia a try (that didn't last long, thank goodness). But 3 years later I still wasn't eating much, before high school. I was 100 pounds, skin and bones. I never felt more less, and not enough. In high school I had several wonderful people in my life who helped me eat and gave me some hope. BUT, I wasn't happy and it showed in so many ways. Becoming an over eater I gained weight and lost once again. I compared myself to everyone who I thought was prettier, thinner and well, better than me. I wasn't enough for anyone, especially not myself. 

I tried so hard in every single relationship, friend, family and romantic to be the one person they would love, and be there for. Except I didn't try with my own, the relationship with me. Self love is such an important relationship to have. When you have a strong sense of self worth and love for yourself, things begin to shift. Friends who were your "Besties", fall away and men who you thought loved you, do too. Relationships that no longer serve you basically disappear. 

And what are you left with?  YOU. To love and be kind to, to be your best friend, the light that lifts you up and the heart that holds you close no matter what. Because, well, you are enough. You begin to see that the relationships you now have are the ideal relationships for you. They love and cherish you as you now do yourself. Taking care of yourself mind, body and soul, is the most wonderful, generous thing you can do in your WHOLE life. 

Self love, should be taught to our children and every person on the planet, period. Give yourself the opportunity to shift, love YOU more than anything else, and every one you love will feel it!

This shoot was to show that you can get to happy after an eating disorder. I recovered from Anorexia, I am a recovering over eater and very proud. I no longer put myself down because of my body or the decision that little 6 year old girl made so many years ago. I love her and ME every day. It's not always easy, but like in any relationship if its worth the fight, then FIGHT. I am enough for me and I know I am enough for every one else too. 

Thank you so much to Michelle Liane for being apart of the beginning of something wonderful. 

Self love is all you need to be happy.    

You are beautiful just the way you are..

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

                                                           Amanda Garrett

Thursday, 1 December 2016

A little Birdy told me..

Hello Wonderful!

Isn't just the best time of year, with joyful music playing and every ones spirits start to lift as we get into the holiday season. Christmas parties and get togethers come by the plenty and all the time we have gets compiled into one month where we really make time for the ones we love.  It certainly is one of my favourite times of the year.

I get to see family that lives on the other side of Canada and have every one all together under one, two, or three roves, how exciting!  There are many gifts to be given and love to be had, that we must always remember those in need. I have heard a lot of families who instead of buying things for each other, they donate what they would have spent to charities, local and global. THIS is so amazing, and what a time of year to do so when many who are less fortunate then we, really need a lift in spirits. 

The Canadian Women's Foundation and Raising the Roof are the two that I contribute to all year round. BUT I like to give a little bit more a Christmas to help an individual or family in need. I truly believe that giving to another, not only lifts them up but gives us our own strength to say thank you for all that we have to be grateful for. 

This morning I received a little birdy in the mail that made me so very grateful for my own healing and hope. The fact that I can help someone else's journey to an awesome life, makes me so thankful.

I will be donating to The Canadian Women's Foundation this year and all ask from you my amazing readers and tribe to share this like crazy! For every new 'Like' on my Facebook page up to 300, I will donate a dollar and match it to my own contribution.

Since 1991, the Canadian Women's Foundation has invested in more than 1400 community programs across Canada that help women and girls move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence and leadership.  It's a chance to offer hope to a woman starting out on a difficult journey.  

This Christmas help someone in need, human or animal, whatever foundation speaks to you the most and put your heart there. Any contribution is big, whether a dollar or one million, donating gets someone closer to a better and happier life. 

SO be grateful for all that you have because someone certainly wishes they were in your shoes!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas love!

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett