Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fabrics: Velour

Velour is a plush knitted fabric or textile.  It is made from cotton mainly, but can also be made from synthetic fibers, like polyester.  Combining stretchy knit properties like spandex creating an appearance and feel of velvet.  Velour has a wide variety of uses in the clothing and upholstery businesses.  Very popular for warm and casual clothing, as well as car upholstery and theater drapes or stage curtains.  Velour is a great substitute velvet because it is inexpensive and feels very similar.

Working with velour can be challenging, due to it being plush and slippery, seams pucker easily when machine sewing this fabric or so I have read.  I have yet to use velour, but from what I can see as long as you take certain steps, it makes it much easier to work with. Here is an eHow on 'How to Sew Velour'  This fabric, I think, is amazing because it is so diverse and is used for so many different products in many types of markets, automotive, theater, sports wear etc.  Making this fabric and textile a great pick!

Car Seats
Blue Bathrobe
Black Dress
Black Studded Shoes
Blue Purse
Black Clutch
Wedding Day Track Suit
Little Girls Black Dress
Vintage Curtains
Red Floor Length Dress

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