Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dress Making Report: The Batman Dress

A few friends of mine decided to get this dress for a friends birthday.  I am totally in love with batman and had to accept! This fabric is amazing, and was totally wonderful to work with (100% Cotton, Batman pattern, perfect!). Also, with this one I got to put the images together as best I could to make it look like a comic, which was awesome.  Maria loves the joker so I put him right in the middle of it all.  Happy Birthday Maria!! I hope it is everything you wanted and more!

Cutting Pattern

Pinning Pattern to fabric

Cutting Fabric

Front and Side pieces

Sewing the top together

Neck ties

Sewing back bodice to side sections

Sewing bodice front to midriff  

Pinning lining to fabric
Sewing lining to fabric

Finished top

Pinning skirt together

Sewing Skirt

Adding darts to skirt lining

Sewing Darts
Pinning lining to skirt

Pinned for hemming
Final pictures for this dress will be professionally done, stay tuned!

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