Monday, 10 October 2016

Lifestyle: Working through an Injury

Hello Friend,

It has been a while since I have written. 

At the beginning of August, I suffered from a concussion. It seems silly but after hitting my head, not so hard, on one the rides I felt a little sick. BUT, it was the last ride of the day and I thought I was just tired from the 8 hours spent at Wonderland.

Unfortunately not, for a week I felt sick, in and out of work. I went to the doctor the following week, leaving there thinking I had vertigo. Feeling dizzy and nauseous every day for weeks, finally I saw my nautropath and massage therapist who recommended I see a physio therapist who specialized in vertigo.(AND luckily concussions) Here we go, I was going to try anything at this point. I couldn't work out, being an avid runner and yogi, I wasn't able to read any more or do much of any thing without feeling terrible. 

At the end of the day, having a head injury is NO JOKE. Loosing motivation is a huge part and a major symptom. SO here's the thing; head injury or not you can loose momentum in what you're trying to achieve or a routine you would love to keep on track with. BUT life happens, remember that as long as you do a little something every day you can definitely stick to it.  Yes, we fall but the most important thing is we get back up and try again, focus and move forward.

Being told that I could start running/walking intervals and yoga again was music to my ears! Yoga has always been my non-negotiable, but when that even made me feel sick I didn't know what to do and my body certainly has been feeling it.

I am now happy to say that I am back to work full time, still suffering from symptoms but on the mend. Feeling better mentally has made a world of difference with my motivation, seeing others doing what I want (like running) helps me to work even harder to get better. WHICH means lots of sleep and not taking on more than I can handle. 

SO follow people who inspire you to do more, be more and be grateful that they have shown up for you to see it is possible. YOU can do anything you want to and more you just have to believe. Keep going lovely you are most certainly on the right track.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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