Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lifestyle: Resistance

What you resist persists. - Carl Jung

Have you ever found yourself avoiding something, a conversation, a decision or a feeling? Resistance is definitely part of being a human, but when do you finally let it go? Did you know that when you do, it can feel like a huge weight is lifted? Like all of a sudden you can see clearly now. Any time I release resistance to something, that song 'I can see clearly now', pops into my head. Honestly, because once I released a relationship that was holding me back, while I was driving to work I finally said okay I'm done. The song came on the radio and a truck drove past that said FINALLY.. serious the universe is amazing at providing guidance and signs we just have to let it flow. 

When we're stuck, we put up a wall that block our connected-ness. This may sound heady or woo-woo to some but when you believe in a power greater than yourself and you allow it to come in, to take the burden, something incredible happens. You experience a miracle. Miracles don't have to be these massive changes, it can just be a small shift that gets you from feeling stuck to feeling clear.

Lately, I have been resisting my own stuff a lot, something that has followed me for so long. Relationships for me have been very hard at times. My ego trips a lot, and I find it hard to breath at times. I have lived in the projections my mind created about relationships(family, friend or romantic), and I believe them. "I'm not enough", "I'm going to be left all alone", "Who am I to be happy?", "What's wrong with me?" etc, etc. Then the blame shows up, something doesn't happen, they don't call or text me and I get upset and all of the above happens.  Disappointment can be a dark place if you let it, and you get mad at the other person, projecting your shit onto them. 

SO I believe that every person in your life is like an "assignment", for us to learn, grow, and heal.  It will keep showing up, in different relationships or circumstances until it
 is healed. When I take a step back and say, "how can I grow here?", it allows my inner guide to take the lead a little bit. A mantra or prayer like, "Thank you, inner guide(god, universe, spirit, source etc), for helping me see this with love".  Then a meditation to get still and allow any guidance to come in. Just by doing this, I feel light and more grounded. CHOOSING not to stay in my mind and rather let the fear sit in the back seat, no driving allowed, it can't even touch the radio. This allows me to react in a calm way instead of allowing my frustration to take control of any conversation. I am able to shift, even a little bit out of what I had been resisting, and oh what a feeling. When the anxiety drops, there's just relief. 

This then leads me to books like Gabby Bernsteins 'Spirit Junkie' or listening to something from Abraham Hicks. Whatever I need I am guided to and you will be guided to also. BUT you have to be willing to see things differently, to ask and sit in patience for what you really are needing. The universe has your back, you just have to allow yourself to lean on it.

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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