Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Lifestyle: Allowing fear

Hello Lovely!

As I have shared before relationships were always a very hard thing for me, allowing situations and not so nice people remain in my life for many years. Sometimes within the wonderful relationships that I now have, things show up that I can make assumptions about and over think. When I allow the fear to take over, I panic and get paranoid. I literally can feel like I am loosing my mind, creating a mountain out of a not so existent mole hill.

When I finally let myself step back, and that could mean having a conversation with a friend who provides a perspective that I really needed to hear. 

OR asking myself the questions; 

1."What do I really need right now?"
2."Am I taking responsibility for myself or blaming someone outside of me?"
3."How can I better understand this (insert feeling, experience here) and learn from it?"

I can then start shifting and moving out of the fear. Loving myself even though I am "being" a way that I think is "wrong", can be really empowering. Showing up and loving the dark parts of ourselves, is what we all need to do. How can we expect anyone else to love those parts of us if we can't seem to. 
I had a friend once tell me after hearing how "crazy" I felt I was being, "You need to stop saying you're crazy because you're not... I care about you and I am proud of how far you've come." Those words changed my perspective, allowing me to know that no matter how "crazy" or "silly" I am feeling. I am still loved.

I truly believe that we are not given anything we can not survive, everything shows up for us to heal, learn and grow.  Take good care and be kind to yourself when feeling down or have not had a great day. YOU are always, deeply loved.

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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