Thursday, 10 May 2018

Self Love Series: #1 Oh this life journey

Hiya Gorgeous,

It has certainly been awhile since I wrote a blog let alone a lifestyle blog. 

A LOT has happened since the last time I wrote. I had a baby in October, and let me tell you being pregnant and then postpartum definitely paid a toll on my self love psyche. Having a new baby, hormones and everything that comes along with that, can 100% make you feel like your aren't enough or beautiful AND loving you, is set aside.

Now after 6.5 months (uhmm where did that time go..) I am feeling great. I am working on taking care of myself more and more everyday. Along with looking after everything else, I have made it a priority to work out, eat well (as often as possible) and do things that make me happy. Hubby and I make sure we go out at least once a month, just us and no kids, to regenerate and have some fun one on one.

I find that I was so hard on myself as I journeyed through pregnancy, all those habitual thoughts of not being good enough, of being over weight swam through my mind constantly. It hindered some of my relationships and made me feel small. NOT to say that I didn't also enjoy growing my tiny little human but at times it was mentally straining. Doing the best I could to feel good was all I could do. Spending time with family and preparing for my baby bear was what kept my spirits up for sure.

Postpartum - at first I didn't have time to care about what I looked like or my weight, all I focused on was keeping this precious miracle alive. It was amazing having Brayden home with us after a hard labour and 4 days in the hospital. BUT then as the months passed and I was feeling better, those unkind thoughts came up again. We are most mean to ourselves then any one else could ever be to us, I know this as fact. Constantly reminding myself that I was doing the best I could and that my body is an amazing tool to create life in all its glory. SO now that is what I do, and as I kept changing the negative thoughts I noticed something, I can now quickly shift just like I had pre-pregnancy.

It has been quite the journey and let me tell you and its not over yet! With the support of my wonderful man letting me know that no matter what he loves me and my body, I breath a sigh of relief that the only one who is making me feel insecure about my soft belly is me. I am where I am right now, and in this moment I L-O-V-E my body for all that is has done and all it can do. I am fit and strong and will continue to be.

At the end of the day my lovelies, old thoughts show up to heal us. Sometimes it will show up in a big way and others that are easy to shift through. Remember you are doing the best from where you are right now in this moment. CHOOSE appreciation in these moments whether it is about the situation or something else you love, this will help you to keep shifting and moving forward. After all that's what we are meant to do.

Loads of love to you my friends <3

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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