Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fabrics: Wool

Wool comes from several types of animals; sheep(wool), goats(cashmere/mohair), oxen(qiviut), rabbits(angora) and many kinds of camels(alpaca,lama etc).  It grows in clusters and has a crimped texture which makes it easier to spin the fleece because the fibres attach to each other like velcro.  The crimp in the wool gives it a greater bulk than other textiles so it insulates well, retaining heat.  The oldest known European wool textile was 1500 B.C. found preserved in a Danish Bog. Wool has an enormous history behind it and much more in front of it as we will continue to use and infuse wool into many fabrics for many, many more years to come.

This fabric/textile is incredible, wool can be used for so many different things. I have a wool blanket my grandmother made and its lasted for many years.  Wool is fantastic for lasting, with the consideration of the person who made the blanket, jacket, etc. It can keep you warm on those cold winter nights, getting cozy next to a fire with some wool socks, a sweater, and a blanket can be all you need for those chilly nights, well maybe a hot chocolate too.  I think its amazing that it comes from so many different types of animals and each one feels completely different on your skin.  My friend bought some alpaca socks which she found warm and soft but to me they were itchy and hot on my skin, I found it interesting that we felt the same type of wool and yet it felt so different to each of us.  Yet, I still love wool and all it is used for, which makes it a wonderful fabric to use!

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