Wednesday, 11 February 2015

'Classic Designer Month: Theoni V. Aldredge'

Costume Designer number two is Theoni V. Aldredge! Known for using large budgets to meet the needs of her beautiful designs, winning 3 Tony Awards in her career and was nominated 12 other times. She designed costumes for many original movies including; 'The Devil's Advocate' 1961, 'Annie' 1977, 'Barnum' 1980, 'Dreamgirls' 1982 and one of my very favourite movies, 'The Secret Garden' 1991. Aldredge designed Mia Farrows dress in the 1970s 'Great Gatsby', garden party scene. She also helped establish Ralph Laurens career, using his shirts and suits to dress Robert Redford's Gatsby. 
What an amazing lady!

Thank you Theoni Aldredge, you brought so much to the world of fashion.

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