Friday, 6 March 2015

Drafting: The Perfect Fit Tailoring Course

Since January 19th I have been taking a little online drafting course to begin making my own patterns. I am so happy to say that with finishing this course I have learned how to make patterns with my own measurements along with copying my favourite fashions to recreate them in different fabrics. It feels so great to submit my final project with confidence, growing my skills in all that I do is so important. Here's to many more patterns and lots of fun!

This circle skirt pattern I made from my own waist measurements, I am so excited to use this as I can make any length, and use it for making layered or ruffled skirts. 

The bodice, sleeve and pants that I created needed to be adjusted a lot after I went to put them together. Once I re-did my measurements and did some minor alterations, each piece fit very well.

For my final project,  we had to take something from our closets that could be redesigned and create something fresh and new. I had this little red dress that was so comfortable (from when I was 18!), and created a totally different piece. I am proud of this one, using the skills learned, I was able to tailor it to fit me like a glove. Let me just say the judy (mannequin) doesn't do it justice. 

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