Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Alterations: Here come the brides!

Recently, I altered a few bridal gowns in ways to improve how they fit and feel on the bride. 

Like my previous post 'Alterations: It's Wedding Season!' I added a lace up back to a beautiful tea-length dress. Sometimes we order smaller and it will be our "goal" to get to that size, but life happens and things change. That is where your local seamstress will come in very handy! I was able to add loops for a lace up back for my client and it now fits her perfectly.  

When dealing with a dress that has a decorative bottom or ruffles that go on a diagonal, it can be hard to hem. Sometimes you can fix it from the waist line seam but this end up being quite a large alteration. Instead adding some extra tulle to lift it up just enough so that you can walk without stepping on your beautiful dress. I did this and a bustle for a client, it turned out really well and she won't have that to worry about on her big day.

For me even the smallest alteration is important because on your day you shouldn't worry about the dress. Just walk down that isle and marry the man or woman of your dreams.

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