Thursday, 27 August 2015

Photo Shoot: The Batman Dress

I am so very excited to present these photographs to you all, 'The Batman Dress' was created for a client in 2013, she did a shoot wearing it and the photographer sent me some amazing pictures!

This is one of my favouite pieces that I have created thus far ! It fit her perfectly and was exactly what she wanted the dress to be. Those are the two main goals I have when creating any piece. 

Batman is my very favouite super hero and it is also my clients, both of us having that in common made this dress so much more fun to make. This was the first time I used a patterned fabric, I loved placing the joker in the middle of the bodice piece and making sure all of the characters were seen. She fell in love instantly when she first saw it, as it was a surprise gift from her friends for her birthday, she was so happy!

I am so glad to present these photos and hope you enjoy!!

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