Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Photo Shoot: Deconstructed Wedding Dress

Have you ever taken something apart and put it back together again in a different way, or just the way it was before?(Pretty amazing if you can)  This is something I love to do with dresses, especially wedding dresses.

A.M.E.G. Designs can take your wonderful wedding dress from any decade and turn it into something new and fitting just for you.

In July I did a photo shoot with 'Michelle Liane Photography'. We had such a great time with this shoot, it was so elegant and we were able to use this very special room.  I took a wedding dress from the 90's and transformed it into the perfect fit for my client/model. She was just stunning, and it just so happened to work with a hat I made last July in a Millinery course that I took.  I am so happy with the way these photos turned out and would like to thank Michelle for her keen eye and understanding of exactly what my inspiration was. Please take a look and enjoy!

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