Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lifestyle: My Recovery from Overeating

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I have been posting my journey to stop overeating on Instagram. I am on day 22 and it hasn't been easy. Some days have been filled with the struggle of consuming so much at once that I feel I have failed. Others have been easy breezy and healthy, my struggle is not just with junk food but with all food. Overeating is something a lot of people do because we eat with our emotions rather than when we are hungry.

The grief of loosing my dog a little over four months ago had me constantly binge eating and not witnessing what I was doing. I am sad, but joyful at the same time with life and so it is hard to recognize sometimes when the grief is showing up. In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about my eating disorders when I was 13 years old. Although I no longer starve myself like I did back then, overeating is just as bad for my health.

This journey of 40 days without overeating was a decision I made because I was feeling foggy and exhausted. I needed help and with the plethora of books and support I have received I believe wholeheartedly  that I can do this. YES, I have fallen off, and most likely will again. BUT, I do my best with meditation and awareness to come back to who I really am. A healthier, happier me!

So I am more than half way done my 40 days and here is what I have come to notice, I forgive myself more easily than I once did, I have completely let go of it being about my appearance and I love myself even more today than yesterday and when I started at day one.

Some tips for those of you who feel like food is something that controls you; Meal prep HELPS a lot! Meditation, books (Mindset, Willpower and The Best Diet Begins in Your Mind etc), following blogs and others on a similar journey, support of and from others , hobbies, and working out. The number one thing is know that you are going to fall off and that is okay. 
“I don't believe in the words "success" and "failure" any longer. For me, it's all experience.  The only thing that defines experience is the way you choose to handle it in any given moment.” - Stacy London

Be easy with yourself and love the process, you can do anything you put your mind to!

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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