Monday, 30 January 2017

Dress Making Report: Oh my Lace

Who doesn't just LOVE lace?! It is definitely one of my favourite fabric, it comes in all different textures, weights and colours. You can use it to dress up any dress, top, skirt, or even jean shorts. When your a designer fabric shopping is your happy place. Where you can find that perfect one to create something basically out of nothing.

Every single time I shop for a client and I find that exact fabric I was looking for, O-M-G such an awesome feeling! I know she's going to love it and it gets us so much closer to making all her dress dreams come true. Now, some clients can be very vague when it comes to the fabric, colour etc and others can be so specific, I may have to dig through piles and bins to find that needle in a hay stack. BUT, when finding that exact colour in the lace overlay and lets say a satin underlay, it's like the universe knew I would go crazy if I don't get exactly what I am looking.

That's when this amazing dress for a Momma on her baby's baptism day was born! I love the uniqueness of this dress and oh that keyhole back. My client loved it oh so much.

"Getting my custom dress from Amanda was great. The dress was made for my daughters baptism and I received a lot of compliments on it! Having two kids doesn't leave me with a lot of time but Amanda was accommodating knowing this. She also altered and changed the bow on my older daughters dress to match my dress. My whole family matched :) The Dress made me feel pretty and it was very comfy. What's great is, it can be altered if I ever need because it's custom! Love it!" 
- Catherine Spagnuolo

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