Monday, 23 January 2017

Lifestyle: Self talk

Hiya Beautiful!

DO any of these sound familiar? 

I am stupid.
I am ugly.
I hate my thighs.
I am not enough.
I am useless.
I am so fat.
I hate my hair.
I'm not good at anything.
I can never win.
My nose is huge.
No don't take my picture, I look awful.

I've been having a lot of conversations with people in my life about negative self talk. I hear it all the time, and hey I'm totally guilty of it in some cases too. I work on this every day. Some days are harder than others. WE talk so poorly about ourselves at times, we do not realize how much it hurts.

I asked a friend who said she hated her legs, how she would feel if someone walked up to her and said that. HER face said it all, pretty friggen horrible! So why do we say these things to ourselves? They become subconscious after a while. Even with all the work I have done I still have that, I am not enough thought show up. Depending on the situation I can either easily shift and choose that I am enough or I get stuck. Creating problems that may not even exist. 

When this happens changing your words towards yourself is incredibly important. If I look in the mirror and say "ugh I've gained so much weight." I now say towards my body, "Thank you for the ability to choose my health." At first it is really hard, know that eventually it gets easier. When you show up for yourself and witness your thoughts, your life will change. HOW you treat yourself and others will get better and even how they treat you will change.

Mantras are very useful especially with negative self talk. Any time I'm fearful (anxious, panicking, frustrated etc), finding words that feel good like, I choose to feel better now, I choose peace over this or just simply I love you/Thank you. Repeat the words that help you feel a little better over and over, until you know you're shifting. Breath. Step back. And really feel what's going on, this is all part of the self-love process.

If you're willing to heal, grow and learn, you will be able to continue to move forward in the best possible way. Yes, there will be great resistance at times but, just remember you're human, you are a magnificent being with extraordinary potential. Big Love my friends.

I hope this serves you.

Your Designer,

Amanda Garrett

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